Why Foam?

Big foam letters wow a crowd. We make large foam letters with smooth edges.

There are slightly visible pock marks.


We use commercial high density 1lbs. foam.

It is lightweight and will last a long time



Wall Mount

Letters are cut as they are.

Standing Letters

Bottom parts of letters are trimmed off.

Need a Standing Letters or Flat?

Our foam letters can either be cut flat at the bottom so that rounded letters can stand upright, or they can be cut just as they are, which is better for wall mounting.

*Font shown is Helvetica Bold Condensed

How big is a letter?

Letter sizing is complicated. In most fonts, different letters have different

heights, especially lowercase letters.

We size everything proportionally to an uppercase “A”. Because of this,

some letters may be shorter or taller than the height you select.

These letters are both sized to 4 inches.

*Font shown is Clarendon Bold.


Made to order

We don’t cut it till you order it

Every order is custom made

from scratch.

You choose the font.

You choose the size.

Then we cut it.


*Font shown is Montserrat Bold

EPS | Expanded Polystyrene

It's a strong and lightweight material, making it an excellent used for private and commercial events.

Ochoa Graphic Design provides large letters and numbers of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for every kind of event imaginable; from Birthdays,  Nursery Decor,  Anniversaries and Weddings to Professional Conferences and Religious Events.  The large letters will always leave an impression that will have attendees remembering the theme of the event well after the event has ended.


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Why hire a freelancer?


Businesses are realizing that hiring a design agency is expensive and impersonal. I offer a unique & hands on design service, tailored to your individual needs. I pride myself on offering the personalized service of a freelance designer with the broad skill sets of a design agency, but without the agency price tag!

Outsourcing will give away some of your business tasks making life easier for you and your business.

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